Facebook Advertisement

Yes! You Do Need Facebook Advertisement! Try to promote your restaurant on social media.

Use Facebook Advertisement for Effective Restaurant Marketing

Facebook advertisement has become a vital part of online personality of any restaurant now. It is very easy to understand why. Facebook is the most popular social network website now. Most people with internet connection browse Facebook at least once a day. And sometimes they may browse the Facebook homepage subconsciously. So, the carefully placed advertisements can drive them to your Facebook page and to your website and there is a good chance of getting a new customer.

Restaurant SEO & Digital Marketing Service

Facebook advertisements do more than that actually. Along with bringing you new customers, the advertisements to enhance other features of online persona of your restaurant.

However, the Facebook advertisement management requires time, attention and a level of understanding about the business and target population.

We Will Take Care of Facebook Marketing!

Don’t panic! We are here for you!

GTech is here to take care of your Facebook advertisement necessities, so you can invest your valuable time and energy in running your restaurant or takeaway business.

We Know what You need!

Our expert SEO team is familiar with the restaurant and takeaway business and they have developed a good insight about it. They can assess what your restaurant business need to promote and find ways to make that happen.

We will definitely inform you about the differences we will make to your business more popular. But you will sense how your business is becoming more popular eventually!

We Do Whatever Necessary!

And make your business great again!

GTech will do everything necessary to highlight all the great features of your business in the eyes of your target audiences.

We will find your target Facebook audiences!

Yes, assessing the target audiences is very important in case of Facebook advertisement. And we make sure that is done effectively. We analyze the audiences and find the right group of people who are most likely to be interested in your restaurant or takeaway business.

Banners and Texts!

Who wants to visit a Facebook page with shabby banner and dull texts? Or worse, a page with no banners at all! We will never let that happen to you! We design customized banners that suit the theme of your restaurant and is likely to entice the target users in Facebook! We also think twice before phrasing each post that we make from your Facebook page to promote your business. Because only the interesting and attractive texts should be there! And we make sure it does. So, the chance of your page being dull and boring is very low!

Video Marketing on Facebook!

You thought we will only make static posts from your page? Well, we like to do better than that. We will make nice and eye catching promotional videos for your restaurant or takeaway. These well-made videos will give your target audiences a good idea about your restaurant and are likely to create positive impressions.

Offers and Deals Promotion!

So, you have offered a new deal or discount from your restaurant? Or a new dish is introduced? Are you introducing new themes or musicians in your restaurant?

We will let your target audience in Facebook know about all of it! We will post the deals and offers in most attractive and presentable ways possible, so people will be very interested to visit your restaurant.

Branding and Promotion!

Yes! We will take care of the Facebook Branding for your restaurant or takeaway business. We work hard to analyze how your restaurant can be associated to your target audiences and what their expectations are and will be. We will do branding and promotion in such way that it will subtly make your business more likable to your precious target audiences and expand the target further.

Benefits! There Are Plenty!

Wondering how all these things are going to help your restaurant? Let’s see, shall we?

Facebook advertisement gets your restaurant business some great benefits! Yes, it is more than just getting more potential customers and letting people know about your restaurant.

Targeting Right Audiences

We can find the right audience for your restaurant’s page, thanks to Facebook.

We can use the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data of your business to make Look-alike audiences. Look-alike audiences are people who have similar interests as your audiences. That is why they are likely to be your new target customers. So, we can design the advertisements targeting them.

Split Test!

Now test what ads are more popular in Facebook.

This is another wonder of Facebook advertisements. Split test on ads allow us to understand what changes we should make in designing the advertisements, so they are more relatable and attractive to your target audiences. It is a very simple yet powerful tool!

We can test different ad sets and targets to see what combination is the best for you and use it as a pointer for future post designing.

Audiences on Phone!

Let’s face it, they are very important!

A lot of people use Facebook on mobile devices. This is an important thing to consider.

Just imagine yourself using Facebook from your mobile phone. You are probably on tube, on your way to work or waiting for your bus to arrive on your way home. Or maybe you are waiting at your friend’s doorstep, who will join you in a minute for a Saturday night hangout. Or maybe it’s Sunday morning and you just woke up, and haven’t left the bed yet.

All these situations are in favor for a potential online order from your restaurant. That is why advertising your restaurant to Facebook users from mobile phones is important. And Facebook has made it amazingly easier for us, and therefore for your business!


A great set of feedbacks from Facebook.

Facebook insights is another powerful tool to understand the reaction of Facebook users with respect to your page.

We can easily understand how the target audiences are responding to your page and your ads. Also, performance of your page can be easily assessed using Facebook insights.