Optimising Website for Mobile

Marketing your products to customers who are looking at the mobile screen!

Digital Marketing on Mobile? What is that??

Well, digital marketing for mobile devices is the way of reaching the prospective customers who uses mobile devices. It includes search engine optimisation, promotional SMS, designing mobile friendly website and so forth. It has become a separate digital marketing process recently because mobile phone technologies have become really efficient and are dominating the technology usages.

Why Do I Need That?

Because people use phone to search for your service! If you don’t appear and your competitor does, it’s your loss!

You might be wondering that you have made your website SEO friendly and have already did SEO works for your website. Moreover, you have done social media promotions, newsletter and what not! Why would you still be needing separate marketing activities for mobile devices?

  • Everyone’s on mobile & over half of web traffic is mobile.
  • Mobile users behave differently.
  • Mobile users buy more than any other device.
  • Mobile users switch screens.
  • Mobile landing pages require different strategies.
  • Google favors mobile responsiveness.
  • Social media referrals are on mobile.
  • Great mobile sites differentiate your brand.
  • Mobile advertising is still underutilized.

You need this because this is 21st century and mobile phones are not just calling and messaging device anymore. To some extent, they are replacing computers, especially for people who use computer for very basic and general operations. That is why, a huge number of previously computer users have turned into principally smartphone users. And you need to target this population. Therefore, you need mobile digital marketing.

Still Not Convinced?

Guess what, Google now has a separate index for mobile searches. It is a very recent development, so, whomever gets their business optimized first, are going to be ranked higher in this index. It is a great opportunity to promote your business to the huge mobile phone using population. And if you don’t,


Fine! I’m Convinced! But What Should I Do About It?

You just did your part. You assigned GTech!

GTech is here to take care of your digital marketing tasks for mobile devices. We will research your business and target customers. We will research their mobile device using behavior and we will lay down a digital marketing plan to promote your business to them. We will do everything needed to let your business known to your target mobile users.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites!

No more frustrating scrolling and waiting for your site!

We design SEO & mobile friendly responsive version of your website. This enables your target customers to view your website very easily on their phone. This pleasant experience will generate an affinity for your business in their mind! Also, they will likely to turn into consumers from mere visitors!

Mobile Indexing!

Guess who is going to be prominent in mobile searches?

As Google has started a new index for mobile searches, it is a hot iron now! And we will strike it for you! We will make sure you are indexed efficiently so your business comes up prominently in mobile searches!

And More!

Well, it’s a phone after all!

We will make sure to promote your business to your target customers by doing direct mobile marketing promotions as needed with most relatable and optimised contents. In other words, EVERYTHING NEEDED to grow your business.

In The end, you will get

  • Brand Awareness for Your Business
  • Better Communication with Target Customers
  • Wider Revenue Possibilities
  • Google & Bing Rank You Higher
  • Improved Mobile User Experience
  • More Flexible & Cost-Effective Than App Development
  • New Advertising Opportunities